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Service de formations linguistiques

Our mission is not only to put our linguistic expertise at your service to facilitate your interactions in a multilingual environment, we also offer language training modules (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Esperanto, Mandarin, Russian, etc.) using audio-visual tools for practical and easy learning according to international standards of foreign language learning.

As our training courses are sanctioned by professional certificates of proficiency, we have a certification evaluation policy that is essentially focused on key skills for the evaluation of the learner’s language level, namely:

  • Reading comprehension;
  • Listening comprehension;
  • Written expression;
  • Speaking

For a training in the most comfortable and recommended conditions, we propose various training modules to adapt to the various schedules of the learners.

Be Oddball Standard Program (BOSP)

Program of group classes in the facilities of BOS Schedule :
o BOSP-1
Days Monday Wednesday Friday

o BOSP-2

Days Tuesday Thursday Saturday Hours

Be Oddball Home/Office Program (BOHP)

In order to accommodate learners whose schedules do not allow them to attend group classes, BOS offers a home/office program that meets the minimum requirements for successful learning.

For more information on how to register, please contact us.

Be Oddball Online Program (BOOP)

In order to adapt to the constraints that limit face-to-face interactions, such as the health constraints that arose a few years ago, BOS offers an online course program on the Zoom platform.

  • Specialized training

In order to accompany you in the pursuit of your various professional and academic ambitions, BOS offers training programs designed for specific needs, including

Be Oddball Online Program (BOOP)
Pour s’adapter face aux contraintes limitants les interactions en présentiels, à l’exemple de contraintes sanitaires qui ont surgie il y’ a de cela quelques années, BOS vous propose un programme de cours en ligne sur la plateforme Zoom.


  • Preparatory class for various language proficiency tests

For English :





For French :


You can explore our programs here!